Whether it is Stop Smoking, Drug Addiction, Binge Drinking or any other type of Addiction, get support from the UK's Leading Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech who specialises in Clinical Addiction Hypnotherapy Treatments.

When battling an addiction, it is vital that you gain the right kind of support. HypnosisNLP Limited’s leading hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech, of London, brings prompt, positive, long-lasting results. Using addiction hypnosis and therapy, he guides you throughout every step of your journey.

Delivering Highly Effective Addiction Hypnosis and Therapy

Enjoy dramatic, positive, long-lasting results with addiction treatment from Anthony Fenech. He understands addictions, and specialises in helping people overcome them, offering crucial support every step of the way. If you are interested in using hypnotherapy to overcome any addiction, including gambling or drug dependency, please contact him.

Addiction Cessation through

Addiction hypnosis and cessation hypnotherapy is vital when attempting to overcome any addiction. Anthony helps people to become free from addiction, but can only help you if you want to help yourself. All sessions are bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs, which means that each package will be designed specifically for you.

Improve Health and Wellbeing with Addiction Therapy

Imagine the money, time, and energy you will save as a result of being free from your addiction. Once you have achieved your goal, you may spend it all on something fun or healthy instead. Anthony delivers ongoing, round-the-clock support so that help is there for you when you need it most. Your success is his success, and his aim is to help you until you succeed. Anthony will guide you and support you in every way possible to achieve the most effective results.

Understanding Addictive or Obsessive Behaviour

Addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable, damaging attachment to an activity, behaviour, or substance. There is a huge variety of addictions, from substance abuse to unusual cases that may include eating inedible objects, such as glass and sofa foam. More common types of addiction include alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling, and internet addiction. Awareness is currently being raised about other, less common, addictive behaviours, such as sex addiction, pornograpgy addiction, and love addiction. Anthony helps clients to overcome the following types of addictions:

Drug Addiction – Alcohol Addiction – Smoking Addiction – Sex Addiction – Shopping Addiction – Internet Addiction – Gaming Addiction – Gambling Addiction – Food Addiction – Pornography Addiction

Addiction Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy Program

The Addiction Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy Program is proving very successful. This powerful Hypnotherapy program finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it therefore it provides permanent relief for the client without the use of drugs or the chance of the same problem or symptom re-occurring in the future. 

Analysis will find the cause and the effect will be that the Client will achieve their desired outcome. The moment of liberating enlightenment may arrive at any time but usually around session 3 or 4. You can be very confident that the release will occur between 5 to 6 sessions or even sooner. Each session is 2 hours in duration.


£417 per 2 Hour session of Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Notice for Cancellation/Re-Scheduling

If you cannot make an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice. If you do not give at least 48 hrs notice, you may be liable for the full cost of the whole session.

This program includes a personalised in-depth Clinical Hypnotherapy CD or MP3 download personalised for you to listen to in between the sessions and after the therapy is finished as and when required. 

Once the Therapy is finished, We offer an after care support service so that you can contact me 24 hours a day for further tools, guidance and support whenever you need it. We only succeed when you do!

HypnosisNLP is a Not for Profit organisation. Every year thousands of people commit suicide in the UK because they don't get the therapy they badly need. Therefore the money goes towards helping local people who would otherwise go without any therapy at all because they are simply unable to afford it. We help people to Succeed

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Contact Anthony now, in Marylebone, London, to acquire more information about his addiction hypnosis and therapy sessions.