Release Negative Emotions and Express Pent-up Feelings with Anger Therapy Sessions in London by World Renowned and Multi-Talented Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech

When untreated, anger causes powerful problems that will often prevent the suffering person from living their life. Therefore, it is important to seek anger therapy and treatment to alleviate pressure before it builds. Thanks to Anthony Fenech, the leading hypnotherapist in the UK today, you don’t have to be weighed down by negativity. Anthony is a very calming personality and will help you to get your life moving in a positive direction

Delivering Powerful Anger Therapy and Treatment

Experience swift, positive, long-lasting results with Anthony’s anger treatment at his not for profit organisation, HypnosisNLP Limited. Anthony understands anger and helps people to overcome it, offering support every step of the way. Feeling angry is a common part of life. Usually, it stems from frustration, being insulted, lied to, or from coming under attack. If you are interested in using hypnotherapy to prevent your anger, please contact Anthony.

Releasing Negative Emotions That Have Built up

Anger is a natural reaction that passes quickly. In many instances, however, it can become a difficult emotion to control, especially when there is lots of underlying pain. Failing to manage anger effectively leads to mental and physical health problems. You may find your anger management issues are affecting your relationships, your work, and even your self-esteem. Untreated anger leads to depression, a serious condition that can even be fatal.

Combating the ‘Fight-or-Flight’  Response

Anger is a useful emotion that triggers a physical reaction in the body. This reaction is called 'fight or flight', and it normally happens when we feel stressed or threatened. Adrenaline is pumped around the body, making you feel tense and ready to 'fight' the threat, or flee. The problem here is that fighting or running away isn't usually an appropriate option. This makes it difficult to express anger, and in this state, some people develop a problem.

Hypnotherapy Packages for Treating Anger

Anger issues take some time to resolve, as many different therapeutic techniques are required to deal with it, and other issues will become present as a result. Alongside the treatment, Anthony also offers an ongoing support service, which is there to help you after the therapy has been completed. Anthony provides ongoing care and advice, as he wants you to succeed; if you succeed then he succeeds.

Managing Difficult Feelings of Anger

Anger management is practiced by individuals who are frustrated and require support when dealing with their anger. Individuals who experience aggressive anger are usually aware of their emotions, although they don't understand the true roots of their anger. They redirect violent outbursts to scapegoats because it is too difficult to deal with the real problems. Aggressive anger manifests as volatile anger and can result in physical damage to property and people. Anger will often occur as a result of trauma,  when resentment and unexpressed feelings have built up.

Anger Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy Program

The Anger Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy Program is proving very successful. This powerful Hypnotherapy program finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it therefore it provides permanent relief for the client without the use of drugs or the chance of the same problem or symptom re-occurring in the future. 

Analysis will find the cause and the effect will be that the Client will achieve their desired outcome. The moment of liberating enlightenment may arrive at any time but usually around session 3 or 4. You can be very confident that the release will occur between 5 to 6 sessions or even sooner. Each session is 2 hours in duration.


£417 per 2 Hour session of Clinical Analytical Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Notice for Cancellation/Re-Scheduling

If you cannot make an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice. If you do not give at least 48 hrs notice, you may be liable for the full cost of the whole session.

This program includes a personalised in-depth Clinical Hypnotherapy CD or MP3 download personalised for you to listen to in between the sessions and after the therapy is finished as and when required.
Once the Therapy is finished, We offer an after care support service so that you can contact me 24 hours a day for further tools, guidance and support whenever you need it. We only succeed when you do!

HypnosisNLP is a Not for Profit organisation. Every year thousands of people commit suicide in the UK because they don't get the therapy they badly need. Therefore the money goes towards helping local people who would otherwise go without any therapy at all because they are simply unable to afford it. We help people to Succeed

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