Steps involved in Hypnotherapy for the Client

Hypnotherapy is Healing that creates changes in the Subconscious mind bringing about new responses, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviours resulting in lasting permanent positive changes.

A person in Hypnosis displays real characteristics and behaviours which they may normally shield in everyday life. A Hypnotherapist such as Tony Fenech puts a person into Hypnosis ensuring the correct level of Trance, and increases motivation as well as altering behaviour patterns in a very positive way. The first step is to have an initial consultation to determine the true nature of the problem. The second step is information gathering in order to tailor the therapy to suit the individual client and explain all about the hypnotic procedure. This includes what Hypnosis is and how it works. A Hypnotherapist may then decide to conduct hypnotherapy tests to test for suitability to suggestions however it is my opinion that anyone can be hypnotised except for the mentally challenged and very small children. The next step is to put the client into a medium to deep trance using specialist hypnotic techniques, deepeners and procedures. The therapy has by this stage been tailored to suit the individual however therapy can change depending on how the therapy is going and how the client is responding to the treatment plan. The next step is to teach the client self-hypnosis and give post hypnotic suggestions. Finally Tony Fenech provides an after care support service so that the client can call him anytime they need help or assistance mentally and psychologically.  

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