Children's Hypnotherapy with the UK's Leading Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech

Children have wonderful imaginations, and enjoy using their minds creatively. This means they respond exceptionally well to child hypnosis, while exploring their own subconscious adventures. At HypnosisNLP Limited, in London, Anthony Fenech specialises in children’s hypnotherapy. This allows children to make lasting changes, facilitating strong platforms in preparation for adult life.

Working through Issues with Children Creatively

Hypnotherapy is truly effective with children, as they have great imaginations and can use their minds very creatively. A child responds brilliantly to hypnosis. They love to go on adventures into their subconscious minds, where they are able to make positive changes that are carried through into adulthood. Anthony specialises in helping children to overcome any issues or problems, and is very helpful to parents who may also benefit tremendously from his services. All sessions are bespoke and tailored to suit the client’s individual needs, which means that your child’s treatment will be uniquely designed to help them.

Safely Performing Child Hypnosis in a Secure Setting

It is very important that the child feels comfortable and safe with their therapist, as this ensures that they are willing to engage fully in the process. If the child is under 16, the parent or guardian must be present throughout Anthony’s therapy. Parents, of course, are a vital part of the treatment plan, and are encouraged to be fully involved. However, the main relationship is between Anthony and the child.

Receive Ongoing, Lasting Support

Once your child is free from their issue, think of all the benefits they will discover. You will find that children who complete the program gain additional positive outcomes as a result. Because children have so much energy, they can spend more time doing something fun or healthy. Alongside the sessions, Anthony also provides an ongoing aftercare service, meaning that help and support is there for you when you need it. Your success is his success, and he will not stop until you succeed, whether in sports performance, at work, or in recovering from a traumatic experience

Contact Anthony now, in London, to discover more about the effective child hypnosis he delivers as a children’s hypnotherapy specialist.