Improve the lives of Your Workforce & Enhance Employee Satisfaction with Corporate Hypnotherapy by Anthony Fenech, the UK's Leading Hypnotherapist for Business

Solving problems among employees will enhance productivity in the workplace, while also increasing staff and colleague morale. Rely on the talented corporate and clinical hypnotherapy specialist, Anthony Fenech, of HypnosisNLP Limited, in Marylebone, London. He will help you to maintain a happy, healthy, motivated workforce. He will support your employees one on one and in group hypnotherapy to ensure outstanding productivity.

Sustaining the Happiness of
Your Workforce

Add significant value to your business using Anthony’s corporate hypnotherapy and employee assistance programmes. Anthony’s company, HypnosisNLP Limited, is a not for profit organisation that will help you to sustain exceptional staff happiness and productivity. For any company, this makes excellent, long-term financial sense.

Retain Valuable Workers with Corporate Hypnotherapy

Employees are very important to any organisation. However, personal and emotional problems affect an employee's ability to perform their responsibilities. These issues affect work performance, morale, and a company's productivity and profitability. Personal problems lead to excessive employee absenteeism, lack of productivity, and increased staff turnover. Additionally, it results in an increase of accidents and worker compensation claims. This is costly not only to the worker but also the employer.

Reducing Stress Levels in Your Place of Work

Officially recorded as a major cause of work-related ill health, stress is rife in many industries. Employers have a legal obligation to staff that have been signed off with work-related stress. If that same member of staff is signed off with work-related stress more than once, you may be held accountable, unless you have demonstrated that you have done all you can to support them. That’s where corporate clinical hypnotherapy plays a crucial role.

Delivering an Established Employee Assistance Programme

An employee assistance programme offers a comprehensive means of helping companies and their employees effectively deal with problems. These are successfully treated through intensive clinical hypnotherapy. If there are any specific issues or problems that Anthony may help with, please contact him. Your company's success is his success. Anthony wants your company to succeed, and he will work towards a common goal with you. Workplace issues may stem from:

Alcoholism and Drug Dependency – Marital Issues – Bullying – Family Problems – Personal Difficulties – Depression – PTSD

Providing First-Class Clinical Corporate Hypnotherapy

Anthony provides an ongoing support service for your employees. This means they are able to receive help and support when they need it. Anthony cares about the people he treats, and his speciality is helping you to succeed. Speak to Anthony today and show your workforce how much you care for them by providing them with free Clinical Hypnotherapy to support them with Depression, Trauma, Anger Issues or Addictions.

Contact Anthony now, in Marylebone, London, to speak to him about aiding your workforce with corporate and clinical hypnotherapy.